11th Sep 2023

Forbes Names Boomerang Rigid Series, Top Spare Tire Cover of the Year

The distinctive appeal of a spare tire mounted on the back of a Jeep or Bronco brings to mind a sense of rugged adventure. However, this iconic feature has its downsides. Your exposed spare tire can become a dust magnet and is vulnerable to harmful UV rays that can fade tire appearance and shorten its lifespan, not to mention the potential of thieves. This is precisely where spare tire covers make a significant impact. These essential accessories not only amplify your vehicle's aesthetic appeal but also provide invaluable protection against weather, UV damage, and theft.

Boomerang offers a comprehensive range of spare tire covers, designed to fit custom tire sizes and various trims. We specialize in spare tire covers for Jeep Wrangler, spare tire covers for Ford Bronco, and even spare tire covers for Land Rover Defender. With the added ability to color-match to your vehicle's paint code and create custom graphics, your options are truly endless.

Standing out among the competition is Boomerang's Rigid™ Tire Covers. These hard spare tire covers combine the best of both worlds combining elements from both soft and hard covers. Made with a thermoplastic molded face that's stitched to an automotive-grade vinyl fabric band, they offer a unique blend of hard and soft tire cover features. These covers are not only impact and weather-resistant but also feature an integrated rubber boot that seamlessly aligns with your rear backup camera.

With all these remarkable features rolled into a product priced between $150 and $325, it's no surprise that Forbes named our Rigid™ Tire Cover as the best spare tire cover of 2022. So, whether you own a Jeep Wrangler, a Ford Bronco, Land Rover Defender, Hummer, RAV4 and ,any others, look no further than Boomerang's hard spare tire covers for the optimal blend of style and protection. Elevate your journey and make the right impression, every time, with Boomerang.