How to Find Your Jeep Wrangler Paint Code

Knowing your Jeep Wrangler's exact paint code ensures a perfect match when customizing your ride. Once you've identified the code using the methods below, head over to our USA Made Jeep Spare Tire Covers collection to find the perfect cover that complements your Wrangler's unique style and paint color!

1. Jeep Wrangler paint codes can be found on the VIN sticker located in the driver-side door jamb.

Look for the code that is highlighted in the image below. The code will be 3 digits after "Paint:" - (Example: Paint: PBJ)

2. Once you have verified the correct paint code, select it from the drop-down menu located on the product pages for painted-to-match Wrangler tire covers.

In this example, the color for code "PBJ" is Hydro Blue Metallic.