Hummer Tire Covers

Hummer cars have long been associated with a feeling of dominance, power, strength, rigidity, and confidence. With their long wheelbases and solid metal bodies, these cars are known to be the strongest of the lot. But it is important to protect your car and its parts to keep the strength in place and Boomerang Hummer tire covers are the perfect accessory to do so. While the car ensures the safety of the passengers, the Boomco Hummer H2 tire cover protects the spare wheel. The harmful UV rays from the sun, the biggest enemy of rubber. Long term exposure can cause cracks in the sidewall, weaken the rubber and make it less structurally sound. Using the H2 spare tire cover will shield from damage and also make the rear profile of the car more attractive. Available in premium vinyl and rigid plastic mount makes, the spare wheel covers from Boomerang offer easy installation and long-term use.

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