Opel Astra H Center Console Armrest

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Astra H Center Console Armrest (w/ cup holder)

The superior quality and look of this armrest provide the finishing touch to the Astra’s interior.  Seamless integration with the center console provides an unrivaled OEM factory appearance.

The Boomerang Astra Armrest Console is by far the best quality armrest in the world available for the Astra H.  Unlike plastic European aftermarket armrests, this unit does not attach to the plastic centre console with screws.  Instead, its aluminum frame and steel mounting bracket attach directly to the chassis of the Astra using existing holes and fasteners.

Click here for Online Installation Video Guide.

astraarmrest-180pxl.jpg astraopenlid-small-180pxl.jpg astraopencup-180pxl.jpg


  • Seamless OEM-quality fit and finish
  • Provides covered storage plus large stow bin in console below
  • Sturdy metal frame and attachment - Bolts directly to chassis
  • Convenient slide-out cup holder
  • Folds up between front seats
  • Fastens securely under center console - no drilling or cutting required
  • 3 year warranty


    • 2008-2009 Saturn Astra
    • 2005-2010 Opel Astra H (Mk V)
    • 2005-2010 Vauxhall Astra (Mk V)
    • 2005-2010 Holden Astra H (Mk V)

Saturn® Astra, all related emblems and vehicle model body designs are General Motors trademarks, used for identification purposes only.

3 years
  • 5
    Installed on 2008 Astra

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jun 2020

    Recently purchased an '08 Astra for cheap but drove me nuts that it had no center armrest. Was initially hesitant about spending the $180 but it was definitely worth it. There are videos that help you install it relatively easy. I did have 1 minor issue where the 11mm nut did not fit back on after installation but I don't believe the one I took off was a factory part. So I put a new nut on there and I'm very happy with the purchase.

  • 5
    Astra arm rest. A more comfortable commute

    Posted by Martin on 5th May 2019

    Item came fast. I watched the video a couple times. I got the needed tools and follower the directions attached in the box. Clear instructions, easy to follow including the tricky part. Needed no assistance. Fits like a glove. looks great comfortable. Finally I have more storage area.

  • 5
    Center Console Armrest Won't Damage Interior

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jun 2013

    I've heard horror stories about another center console armrest that uses screws and drills...it ended up permanently damaging the interior of my friend's car. This one just attaches to the Astra itself without doing any sort of damage. Ah, and it's so comfortable on my arm, I almost forget it's there when I'm driving sometimes. The cup holder is a nice touch.

  • 5
    Great product!!!!!

    Posted by Larry White on 6th May 2013

    Have wanted an armrest for awhile, and found this online. Great product - exactly as advertised - very sturdy, feels good and really makes me more comfortable while driving. Installation took approx 1/2 hour, following the video on an iPad in the car! Printed instructions also very well done, with illustrations every step of the way. Congratulations on not only providing an excellent product, but also advertising it exactly as it should be. Thanks, Larry White, Bradford, Ontario, Canada

  • 5
    Looks Great

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Mar 2013

    Just finished installing this product on a 2009 Saturn Astra. It took less than half an hour and it looks and works great.Highly recommend this armrest.

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