Spare Tire Cover Fit and Style Guide

Posted by Christopher Fischer on 13th Jul 2023

At Boomerang, we believe that your vehicle is a reflection of your personality, a testimony of your adventurous spirit. It deserves accessories that are not only functional, but also enhance its aesthetics. And beyond that, you deserve to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to make that happen seamlessly.

No matter if you're an experienced off-roader who has conquered the toughest terrains, a proud new SUV owner ready to personalize your ride, or hunting for that perfect gift for a 4x4 enthusiast, this guide has been crafted precisely for you. From discerning tire sizes and demystifying color codes to hand-picking the ideal cover to complement your iconic Jeep or dynamic Bronco build, this guide is custom-crafted with you in mind.

How Do I Find My Tire Size?

-Locate the Tire Information: The tire size information is located on the side of your tire, and it's referred to as the tire code. It typically looks something like this: P215/65R15.

-Decode the Tire Information: This series of letters and numbers may seem confusing at first, but they all have specific meanings:

  • 215: This is the tire width in millimeters, measured from sidewall to sidewall.
  • 65: This is the aspect ratio. It's the ratio of the height of the tire's cross-section to its width. The number '65' means that the height is equal to 65% of the tire's width.
  • R: This letter stands for radial, which means the layers of fabric run radially across the tire. This is standard for most automobiles.
  • 15: This is the wheel diameter, or the size of the wheel measured from one end to the other. It tells you the size of the wheel that the tire is intended to fit. The number '15' means the tire is designed to fit on a wheel with a 15-inch diameter.

-Check the Door Jamb: Alternatively, if you haven’t made any modifications to your stock tires, you may be able to find tire size information on a sticker inside the driver-side door jamb or the glove box door. 

How Do I Find Vehicle Paint Codes For Color-match Spare Tire Covers?

Paint Code on a Gen 6 Ford Bronco

The paint code for your vehicle is a unique identifier for the exact color of your vehicle, and it's important to know when ordering a custom painted-to-match spare tire cover. Here's how you can find it:

-Check the Vehicle Information Sticker : Most car manufacturers place a sticker or plate with the vehicle's color code in various locations depending on the brand and model. Common places include:

  • Inside the driver’s door jamb or edge of the door.
  • Under the hood, near the front strut tower or the radiator support bracket.
  • In the trunk, under the spare tire or near the spare tire area.

If you need further assistance in finding your paint code for popular Boomerang vehicles, please refer to the relevant links below:

-Select Your Vehicle:

How Do I Choose Between Hard and Soft Tire Covers?

Hard and soft spare tire covers can have a significant difference in durability, functionality, and style. Choosing between hard and soft tire covers depends on various factors, including your preferences, the level of protection needed, and the aesthetic appeal you desire. Here are some key considerations to help you make an informed decision:

The Classic Choice

Boomerang's Soft Tire Covers are designed with practicality and style in mind. Crafted from automotive-grade vinyl fabric, these covers are robust and ready to weather the elements. Their signature feature is the integrated injection-molded camera port (designed specifically for Ford Bronco and Wrangler JL Models), accompanied by durable double stitching for enhanced longevity. 

Choose between a classic clean look or personalize it with screen-printed graphics for that extra touch

A Blend of Strength and Versatility

For those in search of more resilience, Boomerang’s Rigid™ Hard Tire Covers feature a molded thermoplastic face, paired with an automotive-grade vinyl fabric band. This unique combination ensures the cover fits securely over your spare tire, providing superior protection against impact and weather damage. 

Boomerang’s Rigid Tire Covers were also ranked #1 by Forbes Magazine .

These hard tire covers are available in a black textured finish or color-matched to your vehicle, and are available with a camera port. Like their soft cover counterparts, they also offer the option of adding custom graphics

Premium Performance and Security

If you're seeking the utmost in style, durability, and security, Boomerang's MasterSeries™ tire covers stand apart. These top-of-the-line, fully hard shell spare tire covers are designed with a color-matched or black textured molded thermoplastic face. 

They're complemented by a locking, roll-formed stainless steel ring that secures the cover in place while adding an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

One unique feature is the keyed lock on the stainless steel ring, providing added security and peace of mind. 

The ring is available in polished, black powder-coated, or painted-to-match finishes, allowing you to customize the look of your spare tire cover further.

Will a Spare Tire Cover Work With My Backup Camera?

When it comes to Spare Tire Covers with backup camera integration, Boomerang stands as the unrivaled innovator offering a meticulously crafted, injection-molded, three-piece camera port system. Our highly-skilled engineers have designed our unique Camera Port technology to ensure a flawless integration with iconic vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco!

Our patent-pending design is the only Camera Port on the market to incorporate a custom-molded rubber liner. This feature seamlessly integrates the camera stem to the tire cover, providing a beautiful finish on both soft and hard shell covers. Beyond aesthetics, our design serves a crucial purpose of maintaining a moisture-free and debris-free environment. With Boomerang, you can be sure your tire camera port will stay in place and provide superior form and function.

In closing, choosing the right spare tire cover involves more than just picking a design that looks good. It requires a nuanced understanding of your vehicle's specifications, your individual needs, and the level of protection desired for your vehicle. Whether you choose a soft or hard cover, integrating it with a backup camera, or adding a touch of personal style with color codes and graphics, each choice contributes to creating an off-roading experience that is uniquely yours!