5 Reasons Why Off-Roaders Are Loving Hard Spare Tire Covers

Posted by Christopher Fischer on 29th Sep 2023

Out on the trails or out to dinner, your vehicle is more than just a machine—it’s a statement of who you are. Off-road enthusiasts understand the importance of reliable gear, and the choice of a spare tire cover is no exception. Beyond the robust engine, lifted suspension, and aggressive tires, it’s the little details that make your Jeep, Bronco, or other off-roader stand out. One accessory that’s catching eyes on and off the road? Hard spare tire covers. Here’s why:

1. Protection: Preserve Your Investment

Imagine spending a substantial amount on top-tier off-road tires only to watch them deteriorate under the relentless sun. Harmful UV rays are notorious for their adverse effects on tire rubber, leading to dreaded discoloration, dry rot, and even cracking. 

With off-road tire prices soaring, isn’t it wise to shield them from such unnecessary damage? A hard spare tire cover preservers the life and look of your spare tire, ensuring that your investment stays protected.

Hard tire covers provide a higher level of protection against impacts, scratches, and harsh weather conditions.

2. Personalization: Make It Uniquely Yours

A Custom Boomerang spare tire cover, in tribute to the late Jimmy Buffet.We all relish those moments when someone takes a second glance at our vehicle, and what better way to achieve that than with a touch of personal flair? Hard tire covers aren’t just functional—they're a canvas. 

Whether you're looking to craft a custom design, match your vehicle's color, or add a bold accent paint, the possibilities are nearly endless. Every off-roader is unique, and your spare tire cover can be too.

Hard spare tire covers provide a canvas for off-roaders to express their personality and style. Unlike soft covers, hard covers often come with a flat, customizable surface.

3. Luxury Meets Performance:

Who says rugged can't be refined? High-end vehicles like the Mercedes G-Wagon have long flaunted hard shell covers that seamlessly match the vehicle body paint, radiating a sense of luxury. 

But why should they have all the fun? With hard spare tire covers, you can bring that same polished, cohesive look to your BroncoWranglerHummerDefender, and more. It's the perfect blend of performance and sophistication.

For many off-roaders, the hard spare tire cover is more than just a practical necessity – it's an opportunity to enhance the overall aesthetics of their vehicle.

The combination of style and performance creates a harmonious blend that appeals to those who appreciate both the aesthetics and capabilities of their off-road vehicle.

4. Security: Keep Your Spare Where It Belongs

Security is a top concern for off-roaders, especially when venturing into remote areas. Hard spare tire covers add an extra layer of protection against theft and tampering

Your spare tire isn’t just a backup—it's an essential part of your vehicle's gear. But as with any valuable, it’s also a potential target for theft. 

Hard covers come with an edge here as they can be equipped with locking systems, offering an added layer of security. Research from law enforcement has shown that merely concealing a valuable can slash its theft risk by over 50%. 

The robust construction and secure locking mechanisms of many hard covers make it more challenging for unauthorized individuals to access or remove the spare tire. Combine that with the additional time a thief would need to cut through a cable lock, and most opportunists will simply move on.

5. Easy Installation: Boomerang's Commitment

We believe that style and function shouldn’t come at the cost of convenience. That’s why Boomerang designs all our products with ease of installation in mind. Need assistance? Check out the installation videos below for a step-by-step guide to fitting your Boomerang product.

To close hard spare tire covers are more than just a trendy accessory; they're a fusion of protection, personalization, and luxury. As the off-roading community continues to evolve, it’s these details that will define the next generation of trailblazers. So, isn’t it time you ditched the bare spare?