4 Key Factors to Help You Find Perfect Soft Spare Tire Cover

Posted by Christopher Fischer on 16th Jun 2023

Your spare tire is like the unsung hero of your vehicle, always ready to come to the rescue in times of trouble. To ensure its reliability and longevity, investing in a high-quality spare tire cover is a wise decision. Customizing your Jeep, Bronco, Land Rover, or other off-road vehicle is the most fun you can have without being behind the wheel. When it comes to choosing the perfect soft spare tire cover to complete the look of your 4x4, you want to keep these 4 factors in mind:

How it’s Made - Material and Quality

Custom-Tailored Soft Tire Covers for Jeeps, Broncos, Hummers, Land Rovers and more…Navigating the labyrinth of automotive accessories can be daunting, particularly when shopping for off road vehicle spare tire covers. The marketplace is full of imposters boasting low-grade vinyl and designs that surrender to sunlight. The secret, then, lies in knowing how to separate the mediocre from the magnificent.

Boomerang's Premium Soft Jeep Spare Tire Covers are engineered for those who demand excellence at every turn. Manufactured from OEM automotive fabrics (the same material used by Ford and Jeep) we guarantee our tire covers to meet or exceed manufacturer standards in both form and function.

Features that Make a Difference

- Extreme Temperature Resistance

Unfazed by howling winters or scorching summers, our automotive-grade vinyl laughs in the face of extreme temperatures as low as -20 degrees. Whether you're conquering the snow-clad Rockies or venturing through the sizzling Mojave Desert, Boomerang's tire cover stands resilient, guaranteeing a lasting companion for your adventures.

- Non-woven Polyester Fabric Backing

Say goodbye to flimsy tire covers that shamelessly display the tread and sidewall through wafer-thin material. Boomerang solves this problem by using heavy duty engineered automotive vinyl that is extruded to a sturdy non-woven polyester fabric backing. This construction ensures your tire cover stays put, offering a stylish cover-up while nixing any unwanted tread or sidewall lettering visibility.

- Extreme UV Resistance

Unlike digitally printed inks, our screen-printed vinyl inks bite into the vinyl to forge an enduring bond. In contrast, UV cured inks sit on the surface of the material and are vulnerable to premature fading. For 27 years, our covers have stood the test of time.

- Secure Camera Port

Boomerang's innovative patent-pending camera port technology offers a snug fit over the rear backup camera stalk, forming a seal that keeps water and debris at bay while maintaining a clean finished look. Our design ensures an unobstructed view and keeps the face of our spare tire cover secure and looking nice while driving down the road instead of flapping around in the wind.

Where It’s Made - American-Made Durability

Given Colorado's over 300 days of sunshine annually and the region's high altitude that results in a thinner atmosphere, we subject our tire covers to stringent tests to ensure they can withstand the harshest UV radiation.

Boomerang sprouted in the rugged, inspiring foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. Since our inception in 1995 we have put the spirit of the back country into every product we design and create. Our tire covers undergo rigorous trials on some of the world's most formidable offroad terrains, their durability proven under the most grueling conditions.

While so many products and accessories are imported, we proudly wave the American manufacturing banner, producing our tire covers domestically since our very first day. This isn't just about assembly; even the vinyl and other raw materials used in our products are sourced directly from the finest manufacturers in the United States.

Warranty - Assurance of Quality

When you choose Boomerang, you're not just purchasing a spare tire cover – you're investing in peace of mind, direct from the designer and manufacturer. We take immense pride in offering top-quality products at the best price, coupled with a rock-solid commitment to customer satisfaction. That's why we're thrilled to introduce a game-changing 3-year warranty, providing unparalleled assurance and long-lasting protection for your spare tire cover.

Back-up Camera Compatibility

Boomerang’s camera port seals to the camera, preventing the tire cover from flapping around and obstructing your view.

When considering a soft spare tire cover for your vehicle, it's important to also take into account its compatibility with a back-up camera if your vehicle is equipped with one. It's critical to invest in a spare tire cover that seamlessly integrates with your backup camera providing an unobstructed view. 

Our trailblazing design employs an injection-molded, patent-pending technology that not only offers a snug fit over the camera port but also sets a standard untouched by any competitors.

whether venturing into challenging terrain or navigating the streets of your hometown, you can be confident that Boomerang's camera port will seal to your camera, eliminating unwanted movement and prevent the cover from flapping in the wind. 

The result? A pristine and unimpeded view every time you reverse and a stunning finished look for your vehicle.

By considering these factors, you can choose a soft spare tire cover that not only suits your style but also seamlessly integrates with your vehicle's back-up camera system.