The Ultimate Terrains to Challenge Your Ford Bronco

Posted by Christopher Fischer on 18th Aug 2023

The towering Rocky Mountains of Colorado are more than just breathtaking landscapes; they boast some of the nation's most thrilling off-road tracks. Boomerang, founded in Boulder, CO crafts bronco tire covers inspired by these rugged terrains, ensuring unparalleled durability against snow, rain, mud, UV rays, and other elements you’ll encounter in the back country. But words only go so far—jump in your Bronco and embark on a journey through our handpicked Top 3 ultimate Colorado trails. Experience the adventure and see our craftsmanship in action!

Top 3 Off-Road Trails in Colorado

Colorado, with its rugged landscapes and challenging terrains, stands as a haven for off-road enthusiasts seeking the ultimate adventure. If you're a proud owner of a Ford Bronco, renowned for its off-road prowess, it's time to put your vehicle to the test on some of Colorado's most exhilarating trails.

Trail 1: Imogene Pass

Location: Stretching between Telluride and Ouray.

How to get there: Starting from either Telluride or Ouray, follow signage to Imogene Pass. The road can be rough and requires a high-clearance 4x4 vehicle.

Features: Recognized as the second highest drivable pass in Colorado, the Imogene Pass boasts an elevation of over 13,000 feet. The journey treats its travelers to an awe-inspiring panorama of waterfalls, remnants of old mining operations, and a cascade of wildflowers, especially during late spring to early summer. But the beauty doesn’t come without its challenges. Navigating through its rocky terrains, water crossings, and sharp inclines, your Bronco's prowess will truly be put to the test.

Trail 2: Black Bear Pass

Location: Kicking off near Red Mountain Pass on US Highway 550.

How to get there: Access the trailhead from US Highway 550, close to Red Mountain Pass. A word of caution – this trail is recommended for experienced drivers due to its challenging terrain.

Features: Infamous for its tight hairpin turns and narrow ledges, Black Bear Pass is an adrenaline-pumping experience designed for the adventurous heart. This trail is a roller-coaster of emotions, with sudden switchbacks unveiling expansive vistas of Telluride below and the distant silhouettes of the La Sal Mountains in Utah. It's a trail that demands respect and will test the nimbleness and control of your Bronco at every twist and turn.

Trail 3: Holy Cross City 4x4 Trail

Location: Nestled in the vicinity of Minturn, Colorado.

How to get there: From Minturn, take Tigiwon Road for several miles until you reach the trailhead. Ensure your vehicle is well-equipped for the rugged terrains, and consider visiting during the drier months for a safer experience.

Features: Not just a trail but a journey back in time, the Holy Cross City 4x4 Trail combines the thrill of off-roading with a touch of Colorado's rich history. As you venture through, expect rocky creek crossings, daunting hill climbs, and a glimpse of the once-thriving Holy Cross City ghost town. It's a blend of nature's raw beauty and remnants of human history, ensuring a memorable adventure.

Colorado's Rocky Mountains are a haven for nature lovers and off-road enthusiasts alike. As you explore these selected trails, every turn and challenge will test your Bronco and leave you with lasting memories of Colorado's wild beauty. At Boomerang, we infuse the rugged essence of these mountains into every product we craft, producing quality tire covers that make your Bronco as picture-perfect as a Rocky Mountain vista.