5 Stunning Mods to Transform Your Ford Bronco's Style (2020+)

Posted by Christopher Fischer on 7th Jun 2023

When it comes to customizing your 6th gen Ford Bronco, the possibilities are endless. However, these 5 mods are sure to transform the look of your new Bronco and make it stand out from the crowd. From the practicality and adventure of a rooftop tent to the eye-catching customization of a Bronco Spare Tire Cover, these modifications will elevate your custom Bronco's appearance and enhance its off-road prowess. Don't settle for ordinary when you can create a truly remarkable and head-turning Ford Bronco that reflects your unique style and personality.

1.Rooftop Tent:

For those who love outdoor adventures and overnight stays in nature, a rooftop tent is an essential modification for your Ford Bronco. Imagine setting up camp on top of your vehicle, enjoying breathtaking views and a comfortable night's sleep. These tents are specifically designed to mount securely on the Bronco's roof rack, saving valuable space inside the vehicle. With a rooftop tent, you'll have the freedom to explore remote locations and experience the joy of camping wherever your custom Bronco takes you.

The comfortable and sleek Rambler Rooftop Tent

2.MasterSeries™ Hardcover for Bronco Spare Tire:

MasterSeries Tire Covers are Boomerang’s top-of-the-line fully hard shell spare tire covers for the 6th generation Ford Bronco. Each MasterSeries cover is painted to match the exact color of your vehicle. We use a two-stage system, combining a basecoat and clearcoat of premium-quality PPG paint. This ensures that your tire cover's paint will match the quality and color of your Bronco’s paint for the lifespan of the vehicle.

These covers provide a refined finished look that was formerly reserved for vehicles like the Mercedes G-Wagon. When combined with a MasterSeries cover, the Ford Bronco commands attention with its formidable presence, earning it the nickname "B-Wagon." Not only do these covers protect your spare tire from the elements, but they also become a statement piece that completes the upscale, finished appearance of your custom Bronco."

The MasterSeries Tire Cover for the new Ford Bronco painted to match the exact color of the vehicle.

3.Lift Kit:

To achieve an even more aggressive and commanding stance, a lift kit is a must-have modification for your Ford Bronco. By raising your vehicle's suspension, a lift kit provides increased ground clearance, allowing for larger tires and improved off-road capabilities. Whether you're tackling rough terrains or conquering trails, a lift kit will give your custom Bronco the extra height it needs to handle any off-road obstacle with confidence. Get ready to turn heads as you effortlessly navigate the toughest trails.

4.Center Console Cover:

Enhance the interior aesthetics and protect your Ford Bronco's center console with a custom center console cover. These covers not only add a touch of style to your cabin but also safeguard against spills, scratches, and daily wear and tear. Dog owners everywhere know how much of a struggle it is to bring your pup along for the ride while keeping your ride pristine. The center console is a particularly favorite spot for dogs to dig their claws as they try to get a better view out of the windows. 

Boomerang’s Armpad™ Series center console covers feature an extremely durable soft touch polyurethane that install in seconds, requiring no drilling or cutting. With an Armpad™ console cover, you can keep your Bronco's interior looking clean, organized, and personalized.

Boomerang’s Tire Tread Armpad™ is the perfect way to add style and durability to a custom Ford Bronco. Pet owners can rest easy with the scratch resist center console cover made of durable polyurethane.

5.Wheel and Tire Upgrades:

One of the most impactful modifications to transform the look of your Ford Bronco is upgrading the wheels and tires. Choose from a wide range of aftermarket options to give your custom Bronco a distinctive appearance and improved performance. Whether you prefer rugged all-terrain tires or aggressive mud-terrain treads, the right combination will elevate your Bronco's off-road capabilities and turn heads on the streets.

Check out this awesome 6 th Gen Custom Ford bronco build by Method Race Wheels

Don't settle for an ordinary vehicle when you have the opportunity to create a truly remarkable and head-turning Ford Bronco that perfectly reflects your unique style and personality. Let your imagination run wild and unleash the full potential of your custom Bronco with these stunning mods. Get ready to hit the road in style and conquer every adventure that comes your way.